Well, it’s NOT about telling “jokey” jokes like “2 men walks into a restaurant”. Standup comedy is about speaking the truth, whether be one’s own experiences, or
observations, or points of view. In other words, stand-up comedy is based on facts, with, of course a touch of exaggeration to make it funny. The experience for the
audience is thus very personal, with the comedian often interacting (called “riffing”) with the audience as the comedian is “in the moment” with the audience. To put it simply, stand-up comedy is that funny person while hanging out, with the only difference, (s)he is now “standing up” on a stage with a microphone.
Thus, stand-up comedy is a specific genre of comedy, that’s all, where comedy in itself could be of differently types – slap stick (hey, that’s comedy too, don’t forget!), physical humor, telling jokes, improv acts and so on.

Absolutely not! Comedy has been a part of the human race since the beginning of time. Stand-up comedy, which is a specific genre of comedy, is fairly new in

He and his wife, Zara, are the founders of NCC. Other than that, he is a regular
performer here, like any other comedian.

Well, that’s how it’s called all over the world. So, it’s NOT a club denoting a place which is accessible only to its members, but rather, it operates like a generic night
club, which is nothing but a public venue where anyone can go to. So, Naveed’s Comedy “Club” is merely a public venue where one comes to enjoy live stand-up
comedy show.

Absolutely! It’s a public venue where anyone can come to enjoy a good laugh.

Absolutely! Just to come to NCC’s open mics and go up on stage! That’s how all comedians start their journey and even after they become pros, this is where they come to “work out”, i.e., try out their new material in front of a live audience. Oh, and it’s FREE for the comedians!

An open mic just like any other stand-up comedy, except that anyone can go up on stage to perform. The idea is for beginners to try out comedy this way in front of a live audience while for the veterans to “work out”, that is, to try out their new material in front of a live audience. Remember, the ONLY way for a comedian to know if his/her. Material is flying, is to try it out in front of a live audience, and NOT in front of a mirror at home!

Bangla, English, a mix of Bangla and English.

Yes! Food is provided by Hashi Sushi, though not limited to just Japanese food, but all ranges of food. Hot and cold (soft) beverages are also available.

Yes! And it’s free! Compliments of ADN.

Unfortunately no. However, there is an in-house production facility, which will be happy to provide a professional, multiple-camera video upon discussion.

There are several ways:
Going to the Calendar of this website
SMS/WhatsApp/Email notifications